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My Fish Tale

Several Years ago, my brother, Fred, took up fly fishing. It's become his passion, and has taken him many wonderful places.

He and his fishing companions, Terry and Jan, invited me to join them on one of their excursions, this time to Loreto Mexico. Although I can say fishing will never be my personal passion, the snorkeling, hiking and catching my first Dorado made for a wonderful vacation.

The Dorado you see here was a gift to Terry and Jan for all of their generosity. The trout was a late 50th birthday gift for my brother, the Billfish a gift as well.

I've found i really enjoy bringing these fish to life in my own way, and look forward to 'catching' many more.

As with my brother and his friends, mine will be 'catch and release', so if you have a special fisherperson in your life, and might want a particular fish created in glass for them, I'll be happy to take your special order.

These pieces can be made to any size that will fit in my kiln, price will vary depending on size and types of glass used.


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